What is an E-book Belenci cushion?

A Pillow E-book is a special stand for reading in bed your eBook. With it you can enjoy reading while lying down or lying in this bed, without the hassle of having to hold the E-book with his arms raised.

Atril ebook

Cushion reading ebook


How can I use?

E-book The cushion has many uses:

  • Able to read in bed more comfortably
  • Carry and protect your e-book, as the case may be removed from the cushion to take us to all parts protected.
  • Avoid sore arms and back
  • Customize your E-book with a different cover.
  • You can use the cushion header after reading.

How is it used?

Using the E-book cushion is easy. First post the e-book in the rectangular case, introducing the corners by rubber bands, then the rear velcro velcro cushion to be adjusted to suit the ideal position for comfortable reading.

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Is it for all the E-book?

E-book The cushion is compatible with many brands in the market since the rubber bands the vast majority of e-books as Papyre, Sony, Kindle, Wolder, Android suit ...

The measurements of the case for the E-book is 14 cm x 20 cm

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