What is a book cover Belenci?

A supplement to the book that helps protect it from possible accidents by covering the lids so they do not spoil, in an original and decorative form also has a handle to carry the book easily.

Protector Portalibro

How can I use?

The Protector Portalibro has many uses such as:

- Transport the book in a comfortable way

- Protect the Book of possible accidents

- Save on the small side pocket supplements frequently used reading

- Decorative

How is it used?

Its use is very simple, you must enter the book covers the rubber bands by the Protector-Portalibros like a book cover, will place red ribbon as a sign of book.

Once I finished reading the lids will close with the button to keep it from opening and we just spoiling the leaves, and we'll take the book by the handles to carry it as a purse.

In the side pocket you can enter any type of lens needed to read.

Are there different models?

To read all allowances Belenci find various models and patterns to suit every consumer, making very limited editions of different designs finding both plain and printed.


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