What is a Reading Cushion?

A reading complement that helps you to enjoy reading in bed or on the couch, without the trouble of holding the book.

 Almohadón de lectura

What are the uses?

The Reading Cushion has many uses, like:

To read in bed or on the couch

To protect the book from possible damage

To use the Cushion as a pillow after you have finished reading

As a decorative item on the bed or on the couch

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How can it be used?

It´s very easy, you just have to choose a good book, introduce the book´s covers into the elastic bands, make yourself comfortable in your favourite reading position and adjust the Cushion to your body posture. If you wish it´s possible to separate the covers from the Cushion until you are comfortable.

You can use it seated as well as lying down.


Almohadones de lectura