Reading Cushion


What is a reading cushion?

The Reading Pillow Book is a supplement that helps you enjoy reading in bed or on the couch without the hassle of having to hold the book. It is a soft stand comprises a cushion and a covered rubber bands to fit any size book.

Almohadón de lectura

Cushion for reading in bed

What uses do you have?

The reading pillow has many uses such as:

- Read in bed or on the couch

- Protect the Book of possible accidents

- Use header pad after reading

- Decorative in bed or on the couch


How is it used?

It's simple, just choose a good book, introduce the book covers the rubber bands, sit at your favorite reading place and mold the cushion to the curvature of the body, if you wish you can remove the cushion covers to get the most comfortable position.

You can use it sitting or lying down or reclining.


Are there different models of reading pillows?

There are various models of reading Belenci cushions to suit all tastes, but for this one we carry very limited editions of different designs, and each cushion is almost exclusive.